Cini Boeri in Italy

cini boeric

Cini Boeri was an Italian designer and architect who was born in 1908. His designs and buildings were known for their elegance, beauty, and functionality. His work was influenced by the traditions of Italian art. His works can be found in many public and private buildings throughout Italy. Although he died young, he left behind a large legacy.

Casa Rotonda

The cliff-side structure of the Casa Rotonda is a tour de force. The house is a cluster of rooms, each arranged around a central patio, the fulcrum of the house. This space divides the family zone from the guest quarters. The shingles on the roof match the color of the walls, giving the appearance of a natural element.

The design of the villa, which was completed in 1966, has a dual purpose: it is a bunker, and it protects its inhabitants from the fierce wind. The villa is a unique construction that focuses on views of the sea while also retaining privacy and a sense of separation.

Casa nel Bosco

The house was designed by Cini Boeri in 1969 near Lake Maggiore. It is articulated among the existing trees and has different zones of stay. The design features few interior walls, corredera doors, and different heights. It is also known for its unconventional interior arrangement.

Born in Milan, Italy, Cini Boeri studied at the Politecnico university, where she was one of three women to graduate. She also interned under Gio Ponti and later collaborated with Marco Zanuso. After graduating, she founded her own architecture studio in 1963 and began working on commercial and residential projects. She also designed industrial structures for leading companies.

Casa su Tre Livelli Vigolzone

Casa su Tre Livelli, built in 1992 by the architects Cini Boeri, is a beautiful villa tucked away on the piacentine hills. Its patio, surrounded by vignets, connects the modern construction with the rural preesistence. However, despite its modern aesthetics, it does not stray from its traditional roots.

The architecture firm of Cini Boeri is dedicated to interventions in nature and architecture. Their designs include the Knoll showroom in Parigi, the Trump Tower in New York, and a house in the woods near Osmate. They also built the three-story villa on Tre Livelli Vigolzone in Vigolzone.

Villa su Tre Livelli Vigolzone

A modern villa with a rural feel, Villa su Tre Livelli was built by the architects of Cini Boeri in 1992. Situated on the hills of the piacentine peninsula, the villa features a patio surrounded by vignets. This design aims to connect the new construction with the preesistence of rural life.

In addition to residential projects, Cini Boeri has created a number of other design objects. He has been awarded two Compasso d’Oro awards for his work. He was also the winner of the Good Design Award in Chicago and the Grand Ufficial Order of Merit in 2011.

Lunario table series by Gavina

Gavina cini Boeric’s Lunario table series echoes the ripples of light and water. The table series was originally designed in 1970 and produced by Gavina. Until Knoll bought the company in 1968, Gavina was known for manufacturing the work of Italian designers. The iconic cantilevered Lunario table is an example of this work.

Gavina was the first manufacturer to produce the Lunario table series. The table features a cantilevered glass top that’s complemented by a heavy, chrome-plated base. Made in Italy, the table is in good condition with a few production marks. It would look wonderful in any modern interior.

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