New York Furniture Design Trends for 2023

new york furniture design

New York is the world’s stage for fashion, culture, food, art and design. The Big Apple has always been a place to push the boundaries and challenge expectations but in recent years it has become more than that—New York has evolved into a leader for the cultural revolution and has influenced trends across many industries. During the past few decades NYC has seen a rise in vegan lifestyles, ethical production and embracing nature-based designs. This has impacted the world of furniture and decor where clean lines, modern organic motifs and earthy brown tones are in high demand.

One of the best places to find these fresh new looks is at one of the city’s top-rated NYC furniture Ckensu stores. Located in the heart of Chelsea, Room & Board is known for its modern, timeless furniture and décor that can stand the test of time. The store’s large showroom is a perfect place to try out different chairs and sofas before making your final decision. They also offer free delivery and assembly.

Another popular option for sustainable, eco-friendly furniture is CB2. Think of this sleek, younger sister to Crate & Barrel, and you will get an idea of what this forward-thinking brand has to offer. This modern, minimal and edgy NYC furniture store is a great place to visit in person or online. The company has a small showroom in SoHo and a massive space uptown in the D&D Building so you can shop the entire collection in person before committing to any purchases.

At a time when the country is focused on climate change and sustainability, it’s no surprise that furniture shops in NYC are leading the way with environmentally conscious products. Joybird is a great example of this as the company has a huge selection of vegan and ethically built furniture and decor pieces to spruce up your home. Their fun designs are a perfect fit for any modern and contemporary home.

As for the 2023 furniture trends we are already seeing emerging, expect to see more blends of marble and stone as well as a greater emphasis on natural materials. Florals are also expected to remain strong with their botanical motifs while animal prints continue to decline in popularity.

When it comes to finding a unique piece of furniture, NYC is one of the best cities in the world. With the abundance of design-forward brands in the city, it’s easy to discover a truly one-of-a-kind item that will become the focal point of your home’s decor. So go ahead and take your pick of the top NYC furniture stores to find the perfect look for your home! You’ll be glad you did.

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