Marset – Lighting That is More Than Just a Light Source

pendant lamp marset

The Barcelona brand Marset has been able to secure a place on the international design scene thanks to the many product classics in its portfolio. But this is not only because of the striking designs and sophisticated lighting concepts, but also because the brand consistently combines authentic design with intelligent functionality. The result is lighting that is not only beautiful, but also a perfect light source for modern living spaces. In our Miami showroom you can see for yourself that a designer luminaire can be much more than just a mere light source.

The collection is characterized by a wide range of shapes and forms, from asymmetrical to symmetrical. The common denominator is a very high level of quality that ensures a long service life and excellent lighting properties. The collection includes wall and floor lamps, table and ceiling lamps, as well as pendant luminaires and a bollard version.

One of the highlights in the Marset portfolio is the Discoco pendant lamp, designed by Christophe Mathieu. The design consists of 35 opaque discs in moulded ABS that float around a chromed semi-sphere, creating a unique light effect that not only directs the light downward but also creates soft shadows. For those who prefer a more organic and natural look, the same design is now available with pressed wood discs.

Fabien Dumas’s Tam Tam collection is another example of a pendant lamp that offers an impressive range of different lighting effects. The pendant, wall and floor lamps all have a central light source to which various satellite lights -between 3 and 5- can be added to send light in any direction. The color palette has been enlarged to include softer shades of blue-grey and khaki to further enrich the range.

Another highlight is the Vetra lamp, signed by Joan Gaspar. The design is a clear reference to traditional blown glass lamps, but the lighting surprise is in the way that it creatively diffuses the light, without creating any glare. The result is a warm and friendly light that not only illuminates the space but also brings out its character.

In the collection, you will also find the Milana pendant lamp. The designers Pedro Ochando and Claudia Perez have taken inspiration in an old-fashioned winding machine used to wind thread or wire around an axis and form a ball. The result is a minimalist pendant that looks like an architectural element, and that can be used as a vertical or horizontal light element in large spaces.

With the new Fris floor and wall lamp, the company has expanded its system of modular lighting elements. The lamps are connected to each other with special rods that can be positioned in various ways – parallel, diagonally, or perpendicularly – to form intersections of light. This allows the light to be adapted to any space and to create a variety of shapes that fit into the room perfectly. The light also has the possibility to be moved, which makes it easy to adapt to the changing needs of a modern interior.

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