Green Lighting Trends for 2010

green lighting trends

In the new year, lighting trends will continue to focus on green solutions that save energy and reduce carbon footprints. Whether you run a restaurant, construct homes or manage warehouses, you’re likely to see the lighting trends shift toward LEDs mosundesign that are far more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. These lighting options are still more expensive upfront, but they can save significant energy costs over a long lifespan and cut overall electricity use by up to 50 percent.

The days of incandescent bulbs may be numbered as state legislatures and electric utilities work to phase out the energy-inefficient light sources. Many homeowners are jumping on this trend to upgrade their home lighting to more efficient LEDs. These bulbs can save you on energy bills and even help the environment as they don’t contain mercury, which means you won’t have to worry about toxic elements in your home or office.

LED bulbs can also be used with dimmers and timers to keep lights off or on when you’re not in the room. This makes it much easier to remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room or when you’re sleeping. You can also purchase bulbs that are smart enough to connect to your smartphone, so you can control them from an app or even with your voice.

Another great way to go green in your home is to install windows that provide natural daylight throughout the day. This will not only save you on energy costs, but it can help reduce your environmental impact and make for a more relaxing environment.

Retail facility managers will continue to respond to the high need to differentiate from competition this year by targeting their customer profiles with lighting. They’ll seek to create a specific experience with their stores by highlighting the products that their ideal customer wants to see with spotlights and down-lights. They’ll also incorporate lighting into their strategic plans to promote seasonal sales and special events with banners and signage.

Building designers will continue to embrace a variety of materials for the walls and ceilings of new homes. This trend will include a range of earthy greens, such as green olive and antique moss. These hues are a beautiful addition to any interior design and can easily be incorporated into your lighting scheme.

Many manufacturers are incorporating more green lighting trends into their designs. For instance, you can now find lamps that feature recycled materials such as glass and plastic. You can also find bulbs that are handmade and crafted, such as the Soren Globe pendant from Pinch, which is constructed with repurposed banana skins moulded over a bronze frame. These tasteful-looking lights will not only support crafters and artisans but will also add a sense of soul and warmth to your space.

While green lighting is one of the most important trends to watch, there are many more ways that you can cut your energy bills and reduce your impact on the planet. Start by reevaluating your basic lifestyle choices, such as how long you shower and how often you recycle, to see what small changes you can make that will have a big impact.

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