5 Creative Kitchen Island Ideas

kitchen island ideas

Whether you’re looking for a way to add storage, a spot for food prep or extra seating a kitchen island can make all the difference. And though they tend to be permanent fixtures they can be as stylish and functional as any other part of the room. In fact, there’s an entire world of kitchen island ideas to explore – from DIY designs that are as easy as painting the space to creatively functional ones that incorporate a built-in sink or clever nooks for displaying pretty linens.

If you’re ready to take your island’s style up a notch, consider adding a bold color. It’s a little less daring than doing your whole kitchen in the same hue and it can easily be repainted down the line should you tire of it. Plus, a bold paint choice is a great way to highlight your cabinetry.

Another way to elevate a simple kitchen island is to opt for a wood countertop. It’s a natural material that adds warmth to any kitchen and ties in nicely with other wooden details in the room, like cabinets and table legs. It also works well with brighter colors and even some metallics. This gorgeous golden island from _sumai_home_ is a perfect example of how an unexpected color can stand out and draw attention away from the kitchen’s white marble backsplash and countertop.

This lovely olive green island is so much more than just a pretty surface for eating. It also doubles as a storage idea and provides plenty of space for cookbooks, pretty ceramics or wicker baskets full of produce. Plus, the added base gives you a place to tuck away larger pots and pans.

There’s a lot of visual texture in this stunning island, from the ridges of the marble to the slats of the counter and cabinetry. But the one thing that really ties it all together is the matching hardware. Changing the knobs and pulls on your kitchen island to a brushed gold finish creates eye-catching cohesion that’s sure to turn heads.

This DIY design is the perfect solution for a small kitchen. It allows you to install an island without compromising on floor space and includes built-in seating for four people as well as a sink and dishwasher. And since the seats tuck completely under the countertop they’re not in the way of anyone working on food or cleaning up.

If you don’t have a large enough room for a full island, try an L-shaped one instead. This can delineate a galley kitchen, create an open-plan layout or simply provide more room for socializing and dining.

If you’re a pet lover, this island is just for you. It’s a cute and convenient spot for feeding your pup or cat and it keeps the food bowls off the floor where they could get tripped over. And, the woven baskets are a charming touch that adds texture and helps the space feel more homier.

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